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Sur scènes et sur écrans

2001 - by Tony Stowers

Whitehaven, Cumbria - Rosehill Theatre

© JAC Publishing & Promotions

© JAC Publishing & Promotions
Directed by Tony Stowers and Philip Parr

Cast of Characters

3 males, 1 female

    * CY SMITH: a mid-40s working class man with a big nose within the limits of human belief, not super-sized. Basically, an actor with a big nose.

    * MR. DIGWEED: mid-50s, a pub-landlord but not a stereotype – long hair, leather, tattoos.

    * CHRIS: mid-20s, a not-too-bright working class labourer with a love of modern fashions.

    * ROXY: mid-20s, a bright, pretty girl.

Plot Summary

Freely adapted from “Cyrano de Bergerac” by Edmond Rostand and Steve Martin’s “Roxanne”, this comedy, set in the contemporary North of England (but adaptable anywhere in the world provided locality and contemporary cultural references are used with the author’s prior permission), tells the story of Cy Smith, a middle-aged local man with a big nose but a bigger secret: he’s an internationally renowned poet who’s true identity is a mystery to all except his agent. In order to preserve this identity, he works as a refuse collector and often frequents his local pub. One day a new barmaid, Roxy, starts work there and not only Cy but also another regular, Chris, fall for her. With the other character, Mister Digweed, in the role of pub landlord, we watch as Cy, using a mobile telephone and the power to imitate voices, masquerades as Chris to win Roxy’s affections with funny and poignant results in a comedy in which nobody is who they seem.

Approximate running time with 15 minute intermission – 2 hours.

The Setting


Scene 1 – Cy’s home, late afternoon.

Scene 2 – The Blue Anchor, a bar in a small pub in a fictional English town, that evening.

Scene 3 – The Garden Bar of The Blue Anchor, pine table and benches either side, a short while after.

Scene 4 – The Garden Bar of The Blue Anchor, very late at night after closing time.

Scene 5 – Cy’s home/Roxy’s home.


Scene 1 – The Garden Bar of The Blue Anchor, the following evening.

Scene 2 – The Garden Bar, about half an hour later.

Scene 3 – The Garden Bar, just after closing time.

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